I See God 2017

November 14 -19

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What is it about?

«I See God» is a short film festival about God.

Our mission is to show how modern society perceives God through the means of art and cinematography.

The theme of seeking God is the one being most widely explored in dramaturgy and cinematography. The focus of the festival is to create a dimension in which a director would be able to share his original vision of God with the audience without being tighten up to any religious notions.
Any type of a short film (documentary, animation, experimental, etc.) that represents director’s original vision and interpretation of God with running time between 1-30 minutes.
Each and every one is welcome to submit a short – whether a child or an adult, a man or a woman, an experienced director or an amateur, a housewife or a working professional, a farmer, a teacher, an artist, one seeking or the one that had found… Anyone and from anywhere in the world!
The festival is taking place every year in Moscow, Russia. During the festival the guests are being treated to film screenings, meeting with directors, workshops, concerts, theatrical performances, photo exhibits and seminars.
An independent group of young directors and screenwriters that want to share how modern society sees and interprets God through the means of visual art.

Submisson requirements and application

Anyone can make a film about how he/she «sees» God.

You can submit any type of film (documentary, animation, experimental, etc.) with running time between 1-30 minutes. The film should express director’s original vision and interpretation of God.

All entries should have a synopsis limited to 1000 characters.
The deadline for submission is August 21, 2018

The winner will be selected during the festival based on the audience’s choice and will receive 88 888 russian roubles (is around 1500 USD)

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Support the festival

The festival exists on personal funds of its organizers for seven years.

We are sure that it will continue to grow and develop. After all, we want viewers to feel themselves to be real researchers, receiving the widest possible and unbiased view of the theme of God!

We do our job of organizing and advertising the festival, and provide the authors with a free platform for the demonstration of their creativity.

If you like us feel the necessity and positive mission of this project, you can personally support the festival “I See God” transferring any amount of money thought the PayPal donation!

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Visions of God

Everyone sees God differently.
For some – God is the universe.
For some – a particular historical character.
Someone sees a God in a fluttering butterfly.
Someone thinks there is no God.
Everyone has his/her own vision.
This section includes photos, videos, images, music, writings and other manifestations of your concept of God.

Share Your Personal Vision

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